Sometime swarms will stay for 2 hours, 2 months, 2 years, or even more. If you don't hear back from the first person you call a few hours, call the next person. Sometimes beekeepers are very busy.

A variety of resources list beekeepers willing to remove and relocate honey bee swarms and established hives. A variety of these are listed below:


We are in the process of producing updated lists.  If you are interested in being added to these swarm lists, please send us a note via the “Contact us” page.

County Swarm Lists – Many California Counties provide a list of beekeepers known to remove swarms called their “Swarm List” please see the links below for the San Joaquin Valley’s Swarm Lists.

Independent Resources – Swarm and hive removal services may also be found through independent organizations and non-profits as listed below.

Fresno County (Last updated 2019)

Kings County (Last updated 2020)

Pollinator Partnership (Last updated 2021)
Bee Removal Source (Last updated 2021)

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