About the Central Valley Beekeepers Association

The Central Valley Beekeepers Association is a group of beekeepers located in the Central Valley of California. The association consists of beekeepers of all ages and levels of experience who share a passion for bees and their importance in the ecosystem. Members work together to share knowledge and best practices, while promoting the sustainability of beekeeping in the region. Through meetings, workshops, and educational events, members gain valuable insights into beekeeping techniques and the challenges facing bees and their keepers in today’s world. Whether new to beekeeping or a seasoned veteran, the Central Valley Beekeepers Association offers a welcoming community and a wealth of resources to support its members.

The Central Valley Beekeepers Association (CVBA) was established in 1960 as an affiliate of California State Beekeepers Association (CSBA). CVBA has been supporting local beekeepers for over 50 years.

The CVBA provides valuable resources to, and helps connect, our Valley, State, and National Beekeepers. 

We provide educational opportunities for those wishing to learn Hobbyist, Sideline, or Commercial Beekeeping.

We also offer speakers and presentations for schools, service clubs, and community events.  Please contact us for more information.

Meet our Board of Directors.

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