CVBA Follow up Beginning Beekeeping Hive Dav

The Central Valley Beekeepers Association is offering a follow up, hands on, class as a follow up to the introductory class on bees and beekeeping.
This “Follow-up” Beekeeping class will provide additional information and hands-on exposure to beekeeping practices. The class is scheduled on Saturday, September 16, 2023, 9 am to 12 pm. This $25 class will present additional, in-depth, information for beginning and more experienced beekeepers.

Preliminary Curriculum:

  1. Observe hives for size and strength. Strong vs weak hives.
    Look for queen cells and other signs of failing queen. Supercedure vs. swarm cell. Look for eggs even if you don’t see the queen.
  2. Discuss foundation vs. comb frames and feeding to draw out frames.
  3. Show Feeders.
  4. Demonstrate how to feed a hive with sugar water and pollen patty.
  5. Divide a hive and add a new mated queen.
  6. Install a queen into all capped brood divide.
  7. Super a hive.
  8. Show the honey super. Show completed honey frames and cut comb frame.
  9. Demonstrate how to do a sugar or alcohol roll for varroa count and a sticky board count.
  10. Demonstrate how to medicate a hive.
  11. Show a honey extraction area.
  12. Plant walk for Pollinator friendly plants.
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